You are Bringing our Community to Life Through Exchange of Shared Knowledge, Experiences, & Best Practices to Facilitate Student Career-Readiness

In the 1991 book, Situated Learning, social anthropologist Jean Lave and educational theorist Etienne Wenger, proposed the concept of a Community of Practice. This idea was later expanded, in 1998, in Wenger’s book Communities of Practice.

Etienne Wenger, an Educational Theorist and Practitioner sees learning as central to human identity and the individual and the community as intrinsic to the formation of said identity. By synthesizing social learning interaction into one platform, participants of the platform become a part of building a live curriculum for improvement-actively perpetuating both individual and shared goals, together. As with any community, the commitment and regular participation of all involved is what forms the identity and builds achievement.

Our Community of Practice is an example of this commitment, thanks to each of you. The trick to keeping this Community strong is to continue to check-in, lean-in, and empower peers with insights that can instigate positive change and development in the delivery of student career-readiness. At Orbis, we have always felt that learning is central to human identity and to our shared identity as a global community. It is our goal to not only build technologies that empower but a community that does too.

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