We’re Hiring Twenty OCC Student Journalists to Empower the Voice of the Platform

We’re excited to announce that Orbis will be hiring a total of twenty Outcome Campus Connect (OCC) student journalists, within a year’s time, to empower the voice of the platform.

We build solutions to support student and graduate potential fulfillment and now it’s time for us to share the stories that will articulate that journey – from higher education to career search, to experiential learning and career navigation, to career inspiration.

Who better to tell the stories meaningful to our audience than those we built it for?

Who better to share this opportunity with students or recent graduates, than you?

What better time to launch a work-from-home, part-time role for students, than now?

Okay, okay, you get it.

Applications for this program are already flooding in and all applications are funneled through OCC. The deadline for students or recent graduates to apply to these opportunities is next Thursday, May 27th, 2021.

All students can apply by visiting Outcome Campus Connect or finding their OCC opportunities in your institution’s opportunity feed, and navigating to ‘Orbis OCC Student Journalist’ job posting.  In alignment with our mission, vision, and values, this opportunity is for students or recent graduates in all fields of study and all candidates who are hired will be paid living wages. Applications can be sent to Zoe Mills, zmillsblakeley@orbiscommunications.com