We Found our Newest Co-op Team Members, Students of the University of Windsor & Seneca College, Through OCC. Meet Tom & Vidhi.

Our co-op program started in 2010. Over the course of a decade, co-op students at Orbis have logged thousands of hours in the program and contributed greatly to our success. The Orbis co-op program involves learning, mentoring, training, and teaching, and is one of our most valued investments. In recent years, we’ve welcomed six co-op students annually. Facilitating this program has given our leadership team direct experience understanding co-operative learning and a distinct appreciation for all that co-op team members bring to the betterment of our team.

This time around, we’re happy to say that we recruited our newest co-op team members, Tom Korsiak, of Seneca College, and Vidhi, of the University of Windsor, using Outcome Campus Connect. Both Tom and Vidhi have started-out strong in the program and we’re grateful to have them with us. So, without further adieu…meet Vidhi & Tom!


Meet Vidhi Patel

I live in Windsor and am currently pursuing a Masters of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor. Since my tenth class, I knew I wanted to be work first-hand with computers. I have completed a bachelor’s in computer engineering – back home. In my free time, I like to be creative and I also like cooking, reading, and keeping informed about the latest news and events.

Why Orbis? When seeking internship opportunities on Outcome Campus Connect, I found Orbis’s co-op job posting and it was an exact match with my interests and post-secondary experience. For whatever reason, at the time I applied, I had a feeling this job would be for me. ?

So far, I’ve had a very smooth start at Orbis! I learn something new daily here, and the people working here are very kind and helpful. I am very thankful to everyone at Orbis, especially Sandy Cowan and Mike Rotenberg, for giving me this opportunity. Doing Quality Assurance Testing, I feel I am contributing to making the software the best it can be, and this makes me happy. Thank you.


Meet Tom Korsiak

I live and grew up in Mississauga/Oakville and am currently studying Technical Communications at Seneca College. Previously, I was working in IT (second-level software support), after completing a Software Development & Networking Engineering program at Sheridan College. And, before that, I received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Guelph. In my free time, I like to work out at the gym, read, watch YouTube, and play video games.

Why Orbis? When seeking co-operative learning opportunities through OCC, this opportunity was the most applicable to my field of study. I’ve also used the Outcome and OCC systems, as a student, and knew that based on my positive experience, the opportunity could be a really good fit!

So far, working at Orbis has been great! The people are extremely nice and friendly, my supervisor Sandy has been very helpful and attentive, and the work itself is interesting and rewarding. I feel like I’m already helping to make a difference here – specifically, in terms of organizing and creating documentation that would be useful for both internal employees and external customers.