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Summer 2023 We Are Orbis Newsletter Recap, By: Zoe Mills

Did you see it? We sent out our monthly We Are Orbis newsletter last week and have already received feedback and follow-up on its contents. This said, if you missed it we’ve compiled a We Are Orbis newsletter “Cole’s Notes” to give you a quick look at the most important software updates and offerings we have to support to you – just in time for back to school. If you have any questions about what you read below, please reach out to us! 🙂


Software Updates

  • Our latest Outcome release includes sixteen software updates that are a direct result of your feedback and input in our Community of Practice (Thank you!!!!). You can access these release notes by clicking here
  • Outcome’s new API means that you can now integrate your Insights dashboard with external data analytics tools and use this connection to extract student and employer activity. You can read more about this here
  • The following Outcome updates were strategically designed to help your team aim (even higher): mass placing students, selecting of specific students, industry and community partners searchability, creating detailed placements, tagging, and Experiential Record printing. Coming soon: Mass placing on opportunities. You can learn more about these updates by clicking here

Mindset in Motion Podcasts

  • We are grateful to our recent guests, Jade Pichette, of Pride at Work Canada, and Emily Raclaw, of Marquette University.  Jade joined us to discuss supporting and empowering LGBTQIA+ and other equity-deserving groups in the workplace, and Emily joined us to discuss recognizing, understanding, and supporting neurodivergent students, employees, and colleagues.

– Listen to Jade’s insights here
– Listen to Emily’s insights here

What’s Hot in Our Community of Practice

  • Our Community of Practice is busying with fall term plainly in-sight! Our How Does Your Institution do That? and Feature Request channels are amazing resources to help drive the success of your software, EL delivery, and our future builds for your teams. Check these channels out and join the conversation, click here.
  • In the Community of Practice, you will also bare witness to our recent Product Advisory Committee session recordings! We encourage you to login and watch these to get a feel for how our incredible community is helping us elevate and shape your Orbis software for the future.

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Worth Reading

  • Neurodivergent Students Need Flexibility, Not Our Frustration, By Katie Rose Guest Pryal, The Chronicle for Higher Education, Read
  • Supporting the Entrepreneurial Goals of College Students With Disabilities, By Diego Mariscal, Inside Higher Ed. Read
  • A New Push to Assess ‘Character’ in Admissions, By Eric Hoover, Chronicle of Higher Education Read
  • What Does it Actually Take to Build a Data-Driven Culture?, By Mai B. AloWaish and Thomas C. Redman, Harvard Business Review, Read
  • Shapers: Reinvent the Way You Work & Change the Future, By: Jonas Altman
  • The Lego Story: How a Little Toy Sparked the World’s Imagination, By Jens Anderson, Read