University of Guelph Joins Canada’s Opportunity Network Built for University & College Students 

University of Guelph has joined Outcome Campus Connect (OCC) to give students direct access to a wealth of opportunities from employers across Canada, specifically seeking student or recent graduate talent.

The University of Guelph has joined Canada’s skill development, work-integrated learning, and job opportunity network built to give post-secondary students direct access to a feed of opportunities relevant to their unique fields of study and meaningful to their careers. Providing their students an equal connection to skill development and job opportunities, from employers across the nation, gives University of Guelph graduates an extra point of differentiation in an increasingly competitive job market. Joining the network displays the University’s long-standing commitment to teaching and learning, deep connections to industry and community partners, and a responsibility to improve life by translating knowledge into action.

“Joining Outcome Campus Connect is a natural extension of our commitment to our students and graduates, as we accelerate and enhance our efforts to prepare students for the workplace,” says Christy Niven, manager of employment services and systems, in the Experiential Learning Hub at the University. “This is particularly important to us as graduates face a remote learning and work environment that places additional emphasis on supportive infrastructure and care,” she concludes.

As Canada moves toward economic recovery, students and graduates can rely on Outcome Campus Connect as a resource that introduces them to the experience and opportunities critical for success. Delivered in partnership with Magnet, the unique network consists of government, employers, post-secondary institutions, and opportunity delivery partners supporting today’s post-secondary students and recent graduates. It is an always-available resource to prepare Canada’s workforce through career-ready graduates.

Says Devin Grady, co-founder of Outcome Campus Connect, “Today’s higher learning community faces the unprecedented challenge of quickly adapting their remote ability to give students what’s needed to succeed beyond classroom walls. Additional economic pressures and changes to the workforce brought in by the wake of COVID-19, compound this challenge. Bringing together government, industry, the higher learning community, and delivery partners form a network of solidarity – one committed to helping face and overcome these challenges by systemically supporting and strengthening tomorrow’s leadership. We are grateful to have the University of Guelph join the network and excited to work together to enhance OCC’s positive impacts on the lives of their students.”

Outcome Campus Connect aims to give every university and college student in Canada at least 1 WIL opportunity before graduation and directly connect all post-secondary students, nationally, with equal access to opportunities.

To join Outcome Campus Connect, reach out to Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director of Outcome Campus Connect, Orbis,

For more information on Outcome Campus Connect, or for media inquiries, reach out to Zoë Mills, Communications, Content, & Brand Strategist, Orbis, zmillsblakeley@orbiscommunications

University of Guelph contact: Christy Niven, Manager, Employment Services & Systems, Experiential Learning Hub,