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The Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute Offers New Work-integrated Learning Opportunities to Students and Graduates Across Canada Through Outcome Campus Connect   


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 5th, 2021 – Orbis and Magnet are excited to announce that The Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute (CMAI) is turning to Outcome Campus Connect to reach students and graduates nationwide, with new WIL opportunities in the mobility sector. Through Outcome Campus Connect, CMAI is supporting the next generation workforce with skill building experiences meaningful to pursuing careers in aerospace and mobility. Universities and colleges using Outcome Campus Connect will receive these new WIL opportunities, elevating support for students in the wake of this pandemic. 

We are excited to extend our reach to even more students, from all fields and levels of study, through this partnership with Outcome Campus Connect. It reflects the collaborative spirit that has distinguished CMAI since its inception in 2018,” said Sylvain Larochelle, Chair of the Board and Technology Collaboration Office Manager. 

Using Outcome Campus Connect, CMAI expands recruitment for their new WIL opportunities to a highly targeted demographic of students and graduates across Canada. Streamlining early talent recruitment is a strategic ingredient required to support the anticipated growth of these sectors through the support of post-secondary students. CMAI architected all WIL opportunities to offer the future workforce hands-on, multidisciplinary experiences reflective of what their prospective employers need for rapid business growth in a post-pandemic era.

We’re thrilled to be working with the team at CMAI and appreciate their thoughtful approach to reaching students and graduates with opportunities to enhance their futures and our nation’s aerospace and mobility sectors,” says Daniel Gagné, Product Success Coach and On-boarder, Outcome Campus Connect, at Orbis. “Collaborations and use of the platform like this will have a tremendously positive, long-term impact. 

All WIL opportunities will funnel into Outcome Campus Connect, one of the channels that CMAI is using to build an early, career-ready talent recruitment pipeline for the aerospace and mobility sectors. Outcome Campus Connect is Canada’s skill development and job opportunity platform built for university and college students and empowered by a network of partners working together to support the next generation workforce with access to skills and opportunities to gain experience and get hired. 


About CMAI  

Founded in 2018, the Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute (CMAI) is a pan-Canadian non-profit organization that provides work-based learning opportunities for students from post-secondary institutions in the mobility sectors (aerospace, rail, marine, land). Among its services, CMAI offers a talent and workforce development tool known as Placement SPOT. Placement SPOT offers value-added collaborative services for both students and companies. It aims to support students and develop their skills. In concrete terms, CMAI and its members – SMEs, large corporations, and post-secondary institutions – organize internships, mini-WILs, and micro-WILs for the benefit of students. The WIL activities are made possible by two partnerships. One with BHER with funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development and one funded by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Work-Integrated Learning program. 

About Outcome Campus Connect 

Outcome Campus Connect is Canada’s skill development and job opportunity platform built for university and college students or recent graduates. It is Canada’s largest campus recruiting platform and experiential learning resource for university and college students. Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) as a part of the Student Work Placement Program, Outcome Campus Connect is free for all students, graduates, post-secondary institutions, employers, and delivery partners. The platform is offered in partnership between Orbis and Magnet and empowered by its network of partners supporting the next generation workforce to get experience and get hired. 


About Orbis 

Orbis develops experiential learning and recruitment software solutions, unpacks data, and drives mindsets that lead to institutional growth through student and graduate potential fulfillment. Through Outcome,Outcome Campus Connect, and Mindset, we have supported post-secondary institutions and employers to drive the success of over 1,000,000 students and graduates and 350,000 businesses. We believe experience matters and have twenty years of it. 


About Magnet 

Magnet is a digital social innovation platform, founded at Ryerson University. Through the Magnet Network, our mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses, and communities. Through Outcome Campus Connect, Magnet enables employers from all sectors and regions to post job opportunities for free and connect to early talent across the country easily and quickly. 


 Contact: Daniel Gagné,