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How Saxbys Partnerships Can Make Your On-Campus Cafés Hubs for Community & Career Readiness

Café spaces, particularly on college campuses, serve as vibrant community hubs, caffeinated ones, at that. Saxbys has ingeniously transformed these spaces into student-run businesses, placing coffee shops right on campus and entrusting students with their entire operation. This innovative initiative fosters experiential learning as students take the lead in managing day-to-day café To-Do’s, often in intergenerational teams, bringing a strong sense of belonging and purpose to participants’ career readiness journeys. 

While the conventional view of cafés may evoke images of baristas, Saxbys broadens the perspective to encompass various roles, such as human resources, marketing, financial management, event planning, and leadership development. 

In our latest podcast, join Liz Langemak, Director of Academic Platforms, Saxbys, as she sheds light on the significance of this innovative approach. Discover how it functions, why it matters, and how you can leverage this unique learning experience to your advantage. Embrace the transformative power of the café model in shaping not only your academic journey but also your career path. 

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About Liz Langemak 

Dr. Liz Langemak is Director of Academic Platforms at Saxbys, where she leads academic partnership development and stewardship programs, Institutional Research, the Saxbys micro-credential program and Leadership Fellow program, as well as Impact metrics such as company B Corporation status and certification. Liz joined Saxbys in 2021, following a career in higher education as Associate Professor of English at La Salle University, where she also directed dual credit programming.  The recipient of multiple teaching, advising, and writing awards – including La Salle University’s Presidential Teaching Award – she lives with her family in Philadelphia. 

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