Prepr Joins Outcome Campus Connect, inviting all Post-Secondary Students & Recent Graduates Across Canada to Get Career Ready While Solving Real-World Problems 

 has partnered with Outcome Campus Connect (OCC) to bring more work-integrated learning opportunities, in the form of challenges, to post-secondary students and recent graduates nationally. Through OCC, Prepr will post challenge opportunities for students or graduates that are shared through the opportunity platforms at each of OCC’s campus partners across the country. This expanded reach elevates Prepr’s global impact potential while giving students in Canada more work-integrated learning opportunities to get career-ready.

Starting this Monday, December 14th, 2020post-secondary students or recent graduates who access Outcome Campus Connect opportunities will also access Prepr’s challenges*. Challenges give learners the opportunity to tackle structured real-world problems on their own or in teams, helping them to get the skills and portfolio employers want. Challenges administered by Prepr are categorized as Future Challenges, Prepr Challenges, and Global Challenges.  Future Challenges invite students and recent graduates to get involved and learn more about the latest industry-specific advancements and shifting needs. Prepr Challenges introduce participants to MarTech, AdTech, FinTech, Blockchain Technology, Cyber Security, and other technologies that can build solutions to address global issues. Global Challenges empower students or recent graduates to contribute to overcoming global hurdles like food security, equality, clean water accessibility, education, affordable energy, and more. 


“We are excited to have Prepr join our network. As OCC deepens our partnerships and collaboration within the higher learning community, we are working to provide higher educators with the best possible opportunities to deliver career readiness to their students. Prepr’s thoughtful and innovative approach to skill-building aligns with our vision for the next generation of leadership prepared and committed tocontributing to the betterment of our global society,” says Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director, Outcome Campus Connect, at Orbis


 “Connecting students and recent graduates to quality work-integrated learning opportunities will help them gain valuable work experience for their future careers while exploring solutions to global issues. We are excited to launch the integration of Prepr into Outcome Campus Connect,” says Mark Patterson, Executive Director at Magnet.  


“The pandemic has accelerated the realities of the future of work across Canada, and across all sectors. Through our partnership withOutcome Campus Connectwe hope to support the next generation of problem solvers who will support Canada on its journey through recovery and growth,” says Salar Chagpar, CEO & Chief Visioneer, Prepr.


This integrative approach strengthens the mission of both opportunity platforms. By empowering post-secondary students and recent graduates with what’s needed to successfully pursue careers in their chosen fields, OCC elevates the long-term impact of higher educators. In turn, local and global communities benefit students and graduates ready to pursue meaningful careers. OCC continues to partner with leaders in the delivery of work-integrated learning, like Prepr, giving additional work-integrated learning opportunities to students and recent graduates when they need it most and expanding career readiness across the country. 


About Outcome Campus Connect 

Outcome Campus Connect offers employers and partners a direct connection to the post-secondary student talent that will shape tomorrow while empowering tomorrow’s leaders with the skills, experience, and opportunities critical for their long-term livelihood. OCC is a partnership between Orbis and Magnet and currently partnered with 100+ campuses. The network is available to all post-secondary students online, nationally, and for free.  


About Prepr 

Prepr is building a Global Lab Network connecting students and startups to employees and employers to co-LEARN. co-LAB. co-SOLVE.® real-world challenges and create business opportunities.  

Prepr provides the tools, resources, and technology to empower individuals to become lifelong problem solvers. Through triangular cooperation between the public and private sectors as well as government, Prepr aims to strengthen the collaboration on challenges that affect individuals, communities, businesses, and infrastructure to create a more sustainable future for everyone. 

Prepr works with both public and private sector organizations to create innovative learning experiences using its signature PIE® method, an interdisciplinary problem-solving framework that combines Project leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship into a 3-phase, 15-step approach to go from idea to market in 90 days or less With Prepr, post-secondary institutions, employers, and students are able to improve their collaboration and create meaningful work-integrated learning experiences. 


About Orbis  

Orbis enables leading higher learning institutions to support their students’ long-term livelihood through direct delivery of relevant experiential learning, skill development, and job opportunities. For two decades, our team has worked closely and collaboratively with campus partners, offering configurable technology solutions and yielding data-driven insights critical to preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the skills, experience, and connections fundamental to achievement. With Orbis, you meet students exactly where they are today, with exactly what they need for success tomorrow. Together, we’re working within the higher learning community toward a future of fulfilled potential for every post-secondary graduate and our global community. To date, Orbis and our post-secondary partners have positively shaped outcomes for over 1,000,000 post-secondary students and graduates.  


About Magnet 

Magnet is a digital social innovation platform, founded at Ryerson University. Through the Magnet Network, our mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses, and communities.  

The Magnet Network includes all relevant stakeholders involved in fostering economic growth and opportunity, including community partners, employers, post-secondary job boards, and job seekers across Canada. Magnet’s intelligent job matching technology connects job seekers to opportunities and helps businesses find relevant and timely growth opportunities.  

Magnet provides the digital infrastructure for Canada’s new Future Skills Centre, a forward-thinking research centre with a focus on how to best prepare Canadians today for workforce opportunities of the future. 


For partnership inquiries, contact Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director of Outcome Campus Connect, Orbis, 


For communications or media inquiries about OCC, contact Zoë Mills, 


To inquire about Prepr, contact Caitlin McDonough, Chief Education Officer, Prepr, 


*Campus partners of OCC will need to turn on the Prepr feed to receive it.