This Week’s Resourceful Reads

Another week, another week of reading! Below are some of the articles we found insightful, this week, in planning for what’s ahead. We hope that you do too.

– “Adam Grant on how jobs, bosses, and firms may improve after the crisis”, Adam Grant, The Economist, Click here to read it

– “Restructure Your Organization to Actually Advance Racial Justice.”, Evelyn R. Carter, Harvard Business Review, Click here to read it

– “Canadian doctors of colour offer a frank look at racism in medicine”, Judy Trinh, CBC News, Click here to read it

– “Providing Rich and Rewarding Learning Experiences for the Fall Term” (That’s the plan, says Gaven Watson of Memorial University, in a Q & A), Jennifer Polk, University Affairs, Click here to read it

– “2020 is not 1968. To Understand Today’s Protests, you Must Look Further Back”, Thomas J. Sugrue, National Geographic Magazine, Click here to read it

– “Ontario reveals new math curriculum. Here’s what students will learn in each grade”, by Katherine DeClerq, CTV News, Click here to read it