Our Weekly Resources

Here is what we’ve been reading this week and found particularly informative and helpful in navigating what’s next. If you read any of these and ever want to connect and discuss it, don’t hesitate to reach out. We don’t have an official book club, but we’re always curious and interested to hear your ideas or what you derived.

  • “University students in New Brunswick asked to return early to self-isolate,” by Clara Pasieka, Toronto Star, Read Here 
  • “Parents, Bring Your Whole Self to Work,” by Carrie Kerpen, Harvard Business Review, Read Here 
  • “Students are Spreading Covid-19 off-campus. Here’s how Colleges can Stop it;” By Sarah Brown and Katherine Mangan, Chronicle for Higher Education, Read Here 
  • “I Can’t Connect. International Students Tackle Challenge of Studying at Canadian Universities After Travel ban due to COVID-19,” by Adya Adlakha, Toronto Star, Read Here 
  • “Did the Scramble to Remote Learning Work? Here’s What Higher Ed Thinks,” by Audrey Williams June, Chronicle for Higher Education, Read Here