Our Weekly Reads

This week, we’ve been reading from various sources about topics ranging from higher educators supporting student mental health to recognizing “polite” racism in graduate schools and leading with compassion (not just for peers or employees but for yourself).

So, on this chilly November Friday, as we approach the weekend, grab a big warm cup of joe and take a minute, or two, if you can, to consider these thought-provoking pieces.

  • Bishop’s University has implemented new measures to support students through unprecedented times of stress and anxiety 
  •  A look at racism in higher education and hiring practices and commitments that can work to further support racialized students in higher ed.
  •  The University of Windsor is implementing mental health days to show appreciation for students and staff during this unprecedented global time.
  •  Leadership is not an easy path, with so many people relying on your guidance and work ethic but it’s especially challenging in times of hardship or imbalance. Our COVID-19 environment emphasizes the need for leaders to have not just compassion for others but for themselves.
  • When the day is done, companies are really just people. Human beings are not immune to the effects of situational shifts – like layoffs, restructuring, mergers, and more. Today’s adaptive and globally-connected workplaces call on pragmatic strategies to overcome the disruption of these events and approach business (people) with a thoughtfulness that was always deserved.