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Orbis Launches Product Advisory Committee (PAC) & New EL Record Working Group

A lot of you have asked about our Product Advisory Committee (PAC) that we announced earlier in the summer. Unfortunately, due to a few COVID false starts, we didn’t get off the ground during that time but with a healthy team, we’re on track to roll out this new feedback tool. For anyone who signed up to be included in these meetings, we will be sending out invites for our first meeting on February 9th @ 10 am PT / 11 am MT / 1 pm ET / 2 pm AT.

The topics for this meeting will be focused on updates to the Co-op module and student functionality. Each meeting will be made up of 8 to 10 individuals from a cross-section of universities and colleges to maintain regional diversity. We will do our best to include everyone who indicated their interest over the course of the next year. All discussions and minutes from these meetings will be shared in the Community.

 A New EL Record Working Group

Secondly, for those schools that launched or are in the process of launching a student experiential record, we are excited to announce the creation of an EL Record Working group that will be chaired by our very own Cameron Ballantyne. This working group will help direct the advancement of our student experiential record. After months of being on the road at conferences and conversations around Common Learning Records, data security, AI, and competency matching we have lots of ideas. Conversations will not just focus on features but on new research, trends, machine-readable formats (trust us, this one could be really impactful), resume views, student naming conventions through an EDI lens, and ways the record can be a tool in an incredibly fast-changing environment. If your campus is interested in participating you can reach out directly to Cameron @ cballantyne@orbiscommunications.com