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One of the World’s Largest Cooperative Learning Programs Just Got Larger with Outcome Campus Connect (Lite) 

A top 50 research university, a leader in experiential learning, and recognized as one of the world’s largest and most innovative cooperative education programs, Northeastern University – Toronto is growing opportunities available for students and recent graduates by joining Outcome Campus Connect (OCC, Lite). Joining OCC (Lite) embodies the University’s commitment to the fulfillment, welfare, and potential of each of its students, graduates, and communities while serving up opportunities for their learners and recent graduates to address solutions to global and social needs by applying what they have learned in real life.

Built to support university and college students or recent graduates, OCC is freely available to all higher education institutions through campus partnerships. There are two possible ways to join the network: OCC and OCC (Lite). OCC feeds an additional layer of skill development and job opportunities directly into a campus partner’s existing opportunity board, while OCC (Lite) enables campus partners to join the network externally. Northeastern University – Toronto uses OCC (Lite) to empower its students with more skill development and job opportunities – another measurable way to scale and drive impact for one of the largest cooperative learning programs globally.

Opportunities found on OCC (Lite) are targeted explicitly to student and recent graduate talent, nationwide, refined by definitive fields of study, and from employers interested in hiring from Northeastern University – Toronto. Joining OCC (Lite) is significant for Northeastern as the nationwide network is also a pathway to contribute to Canada’s economic recovery and mobility, having recently expanded from the United States, with the creation of Toronto & Vancouver based campuses

 “OCC has been instrumental in bridging employer and student connections in Canada with its innovative platform. We at Northeastern University—Toronto are proud to call OCC our partner as we bring our rigorous and flexible educational programs and work-ready students and graduates to the Canadian market,” says Montserrate Sanzole, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Northeastern University.

Says Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director of OCC, at Orbis, “We’re happy and proud to have Northeastern University – Toronto join OCC. The experiential and cooperative learning deployment at the institution is impressive, and the fact that they have decided to further their progress and amplify opportunities for students and graduates by joining OCC (Lite) is meaningful to our team – and to building a better tomorrow.” 

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