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New Outcome Certification Program for Administrators

We’re excited to offer you a new Outcome Certification Program for Administrators!

This extensive certification program provides further pathways for success, enabling you to not only empower your institution and students but also accelerate your contributions in your role. The Outcome Certification Program for Administrators will validate your expertise and ensure your achievement is recognizable long-term with a digital badge for online sharing (think LinkedIn or your email signature), and a printable certification.

Designed to be adaptable while giving you in-system confidence, pursue your certification(s) online, from home, and at your own pace – with an entire year to complete your chosen certification(s) and access our extensive online training resources. Study each certification independently or as a component to build toward achieving the highest system certification: Outcome Verified Expert (30% discount applied when purchased all together). Please note: Only those already extensively trained, can choose to take the Outcome Verified Expert certification; please see prerequisites for this course in the outline below.

Staying agile has never been so easy. Each certification course will engage you with quick video tutorials, How-To materials, and knowledge checks – advancing and affirming your progress from wherever you work, whenever works for you, with a 365 day window to complete.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. As always, our team is here to support you and your product success coach is ready to guide you through this process to help you grow lifelong learning impacts with Outcome. More details on this program can be found in the registration link, below, alongside links to explore and register for your chosen certification(s).

Register here

General questions about this program? Connect with us: projects@orbiscommunications.com