wallet on desk near keyboard and coffee with Living Wage logo on black square backdrop

New Living Wage Rates Announced Interprovincially

We’re committed to paying all of our staff, including part time employees, the living wage rate for the city of Hamilton. We made this commitment during the pandemic, to embody our values of I.C.A.R.E (innovation, communication, accuracy, respect, and empathy) and support putting people first – even throughout global uncertainty.

Symbolic of a larger global shift, new living wage rates are launching this week interprovincially after a pandemic-driven pause in adjustments. A new living wage rate for country, and the city of Hamilton, is a promising sign of things to come. It’s a return to old routines and toward ‘normalcy’ wherefrom we can pursue higher ground and build greater impact.

We think that we pay people for their work is a reflection of our perceived value of their efforts, contribution, influence, and growth potential. We want our team to know that it will always be people first, and that they are the people who we will continue to put first.