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NACE 2023 Conference & Expo: See You There!

This June 5th to 7th, Dr. Bill Heinrich, Director of Mindset, will be joining our Symplicity team at the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Conference and ‘Expo’ in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

While attending, Bill will be speaking with all open to answering questions on the future of work and we will be rolling your responses into an informative Mindset in Motion (MIM) podcast – available on Spotify and all listening stations globally.

A snapshot of the team’s featured  ‘expo hall’ sessions is included below:

Discovering New Worlds of Talent: A Comprehensive Look Inside Symplicity Recruit
A brief overview and look inside the Symplicity Recruit platform
Tuesday, June 6th @ 12 – 12:20pm, Expo Hall Demo AreaAdd to calendarTaking your Career Services to Infinity & Beyond
Q&A featuring Cathy Doyle, Director, Sarbanes Center for Career and Civic Engagement at Anne Arundel Community College, and Erica Stallings, Ph.D., Executive Director, Career Discovery and Success at Auburn University
Tuesday, June 6th @ 12:30 – 12:50pm, Symplicity booth

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Command Center CSM: Controls & Features to Manage Your Universe
A brief overview of the features and tools within Symplicity CSM.
Wednesday, June 7th @ 12 – 12:20pm, Symplicity booth

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Exploring Analytics with Symplicity Recruit
An overview of the tools and features within Symplicity Recruit and how they all feed in to analytics.
Wednesday, June 7th @ 2:45 – 3:05pm, Symplicity booth

Also, don’t forget to RSVP here to join us for the annual Symplicity NACE party on Tuesday, June 6th!*For each person who attends, Symplicity will donate $10 to Equality Florida, the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s (LGBTQ) community.
See you there! 🙂
Questions in-advance for Bill? Reach out to him at