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We’ve learned a thing or two over the course of a decade in the industry. Firstly, we now know that in order to understand where we are going, we must understand where we are coming from. Secondly, we see that culture is more predictable than ever before. Understanding a campus’s culture means post-secondary institutions can more effectively plan initiatives that indefinitely better the lives of their students and faculty — undoubtedly bettering tomorrow. That’s why we formed Mindset –– Orbis’s tailored post-secondary consultancy and trend forecaster.

Composed of data-analysts, strategists, and communication professionals, Mindset obsessively decodes the data that depicts your story; and subsequently, the story of post-secondary education and employment in Canada. Our team is a trusted resource for proactive and leading universities and colleges, who recognize the intrinsic value in defining who they are, in order to effectively strategize where the they are going.

Analyzing, quantifying, and qualifying your unique actionable insights, yields transformative results. To date, our partner institutions have seen an overall increased return on investments and profitability, boosted student and alumni engagement, improved experiential learning participation, enhanced recruitment and retention, and raised rates of post-graduate employment.

An incubator of information, and trusted evidence-based consultancy, we are dedicated to positively shaping a future of fulfillment for today’s students –– and tomorrow’s leaders.

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We are fortunate to work with Canada’s leading institutions and forward-thinking employers.

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