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Mindset: The Movie Edition

From “Rudy” to “The Internship” to “The Social Network,” movies and media that highlight the collegiate and early-career experience are abundant. In this lighthearted episode, Brad Thomson, Senior Technical Analyst, and Vanessa Phong, Product Success Coach, Orbis, chat about their favourite films in this genre and explore how media portrayals of the post-secondary or early career experience have shaped or reflected their own. In this MIM episode, we’re kicking it Old School by revisiting film narratives that thematically address(ed) life on campus and new to the workforce. In the process, we unexpectedly unpacked themes of our own, such as the significance of skills development, support systems, and committing to the process of career development. “I’ve been ready for this my whole life.” – Rudy, “Rudy” (Film)

About our Guests

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Meet Vanessa Phong

Vanessa Phong, the newest addition to the Orbis team, has been a Product Success Coach (PDC) for the past 9 months. Fluent in both English and French, she supports education institutions through their onboarding journey. With a diverse background spanning engineering, manufacturing, telecommunication, and hospitality, Vanessa has honed her expertise across various industries. Beyond her professional endeavours, Vanessa is an avid explorer of culinary delights, constantly on the lookout for exciting new restaurants to visit. She also finds solace in the world of music.


A picture of Brad Thomson

Meet Brad Thomson 

Brad Thomson has been a staple of the Orbis Technical team over the last five years. If you have come on to the Orbis platform in the last few years, odds are it was Brad who helped set up your site. Prior to his time with Orbis, Brad worked for over a decade in the mobile communications and security space. Outside of work, Brad enjoys listening to music, watching movies, experimenting with new recipes and spending time with his son (4) and daughter (8).


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