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Learn From The University of Lethbridge & Learn About the Power of the Student Experience Transcript

In this episode, Bill and Jeni speak with Mark Slomp, Executive Director of Student Services, Kathleen Massey, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, and Kyra Gillert, Student Engagement Officer, from the University of Lethbridge, to discuss the design, vision, and launch of the University’s MyExperience Transcript. Reflecting on the traction the record is gaining on campus, our guests speak about their progress realigning units to create stronger services for students and how the inclusive category of co-curricular is yielding new conversations about student learning across academic and student affairs. Above all, in this episode, you’ll hear about how the Student Experience Transcript and tools for student reflection empower learners to personally answer their truest callings, the reason(s) they get up in the morning, supporting students and graduates with deeper and clearer pathways in higher education toward fulfillment.

Our team at Orbis is grateful to Mark, Kathleen, and Kyra for joining us and sharing their insights and best practices for implementing Outcome and using it to deliver and enhance experiential learning that empowers students and graduates for what’s next. Congratulations on the launch and success of your MyExperience Transcriptwe can’t wait to hear more from you as the impact of your work extends across campus and beyond.

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