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Learn About Building Positive Learning Outcomes, with The Powerful Learning Group

In this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM) our Director of Mindset, Dr. Bill Heinrich, invites you to listen in on his weekly gathering of the (self-named) The Powerful Learning Group. The Powerful Learning Group is composed of Bill’s colleagues from James Madison University and Michigan State University, each member of the Group focuses on interdisciplinary and project-based learning experiences in a course. An interdisciplinary approach to learning requires a deep understanding of the patterns and themes that connect various disciplines, it seeks to understand the “what” and “how” and relate learning to the real world. In asking the right questions and gaining insights from thoughtful people, The Powerful Learning Group enhances the infrastructure that supports students to think critically and define how what’s learned aligns with their individual experiences and personal hopes for their career and life paths. Says, Patrice, “I’m a faculty member in the biology department at James Madison, and I found this crew because I kept trying to answer questions that were not available for answering by just the discipline of biology. So, I knew my discipline pretty well but I needed engineers, and I needed people with communications skills, and I needed nursing faculty members to help me answer the questions that I had.” Listening to this lively conversation, amongst peers in post-secondary education, who are passionate about their work and positive learning outcomes, makes you feel a part of something that is truly powerful, and energized for what can be done when we combine our mindsets to build and improve upon the foundations of tomorrow.
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