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Learn About The Modern Credential Ecosystem: Equity, Agency, & the Currency of High-Value Learning Experiences,” with Cameron McCoy & Mary Strain

As we know, higher education has always been about far more than the content of academic coursework. Peers, professors, staff, and alumni provide valuable social capital. Athletics, research, social clubs, internships, study abroad programs, and other high-value learning experiences are essential elements of an educational experience. Such experiences often offer students critical opportunities to develop in-demand employability skills—communication, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, creativity, decision-making, leadership, and cultural intelligence set a point of differentiation for graduates in today’s workforce. Long-term student livelihood is contingent on the next generation of leaderships’ ability to lead effectively.

In this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM) Cameron McCoy, Vice President & Vice Provost of Strategic Initiatives at Lehigh University, and Mary Strain, Business Development, at Hyland Credentials, discuss answers to some of today’s most pressing questions critical to shaping the future of higher learning and student career readiness. Questions, like:

  • How are academic institutions creating opportunities to recognize and create value for all of these learning experiences?
  • How are those experiences aligned to existing paradigms of value outside of the issuing institution?
  • How can stakeholders verify such credentials?
  • How are students empowered with the agency over their records of accomplishments?

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