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Mindset is a division of Orbis born after two decades of campus partnership and technological innovation supporting higher educators in the facilitation of experiential learning and student career readiness. A natural extension of Orbis, Mindset tackles pressing questions in higher learning and student skill development through research, collaboration, and insightful conversations with leaders in relevant fields of study or industry. Together, we seek to build a holistic and informed career ready ecosystem—one that evolves with the needs of students through adoption of the latest best practices, insights, and resources available.

Photo of our new hire, Bill. Director of Mindset at Orbis, smiling at the camera in a dress shirt and glasses. Our Mindset division is led by Bill Heinrich. Bill supports campus partners by connecting big ideas to repeatable educational practices, guiding informed decision making and learning experiences that support student success. Trained in student development, experiential and organizational learning, and higher education assessment, Bill is passionate about emergent outcomes through meaningful learning experiences. His unique expertise and academic credentials position Bill as a trusted and invaluable resource for the Orbis higher learning community. With twenty years of experience, Bill’s career spans on-campus, regional, and international capacity development focusing on assessment of skills and mindsets, program evaluation, experiential design, teaching, learning, human-centered design, and data analysis. Bill joins our team from Michigan State University, where he worked as the Head of Assessment and Experiential learning for the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

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Mindset in Motion/

An audible series discussing the ideas, pathways, and innovation shaping the future of student career readiness and higher learning excellence.

Mindset in Motion serves-up compelling insights from leaders in the fields of education, research, technology, and industry, committed to advancing a comprehensive career-ready ecosystem. Join our Director of Mindset, Bill Heinrich, and Jeni Riddell, our Team Lead, Product Success, to explore the latest research, tools, resources, and practices in experiential learning delivery—all on one platform. Because progress begins with listening, the right mindset, and access to the knowledge and resources to keep moving forward.


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Jonas Altman, author of Shapers, innovator, and guide, smiling at camera in black sweater. Black and White photo.

Get Your Mind in Motion with Jonas Altman, Author of “Shapers: Reinvent the Way You Work & Change the Future”

In our recent podcast, Creating Cultures to Serve Innovation and Purpose, we’re joined by Jonas...
young professional man in sweater looking at camera while sitting on desk in his office

Do, Reflect, Learn, Become: New Partnership with ELTHE (Experiential Learning & Teaching in Higher Education) Journal

We are excited to partner with ELTHE Journal to make cutting edge experiential scholarship more...
Woman walking with optimism past dark glass wall, outside, city, wearing grey blazer and holding laptop

Get Your Mind in Motion with Bill, Shannon, Bradley, & Beth in our Back-to-School MIM Sub-Series: Equity & Access in Higher Ed

To support you this school year, we're kicking-off with a three-part Mindset in Motion (MIM)...
Mindset in Motion logo, white on black backdrop, and rubix cube on old academic book, angled

Learn About Badges & Micro-credentialing With Guests Laura Hilliger, Noah Geisel, and Doug Belshaw

Learning happens everywhere; how we capture it is a hot topic. Not only is how...
Guy in suit and VR glasses, with pink backdrop, and Mindset in Motion logo to right

What the Metaverse is & Why Post-Secondary Should Care, with Guest Robby Ratan

  The metaverse is almost here, and most of us are still confused about it...
Right vs. Wrong direction sign with blue sky behind it, with Mindset in Motion logo on black backdrop to right

Learn About Holistic Approaches to Post-Secondary Student Conduct Administration, With Guest Lara Hof, Hof & Associates

Lara Hof, of Hof & Associates, joins us in our latest Mindset in Motion podcast...
Social Justice on scale, balance, blue backdrop, and black background to right with Mindset in Motion white logo on it, center

Learn About Designing Experiential Learning to Support Social Justice, with Mario D’Agostino & Patrick Green

Experiential Learning is a philosophy of education that encompasses a large swath of hands-on and...

Learn About Design Thinking for Better Post-Secondary Student Experiences, with Julia Allworth

Tune into our latest podcast on design thinking for better post-secondary student experiences, discussing insights...
black backdrop, mindset logo, and white speaker on white background

Learn About Decolonizing Data Collection, with Lesley D’Souza

Join Bill and Lesley D'Souza, as they explore storytelling with data and how design thinking...
Mindset logo, image of items on desk - headphones, speaker, keyboard, notepad

Learn About Building a Provincially-Focused Skill Development & Job Opportunity Platform, with Craig Dixon Dr. Sarah King, and John Wishart

"'Johnny', in Fredericton, is a marketing student and we're going to match him with 'Bob'...
People forming an arrow forward, white, with MIM logo

Learn About Seeking Consensus on Experiential Learning, with Dr. Kim Elias-Cartwright

By: Bill Heinrich, Director of Orbis' Mindset   Who are the agents of change on...
Lego and Mindset in Motion logo

Learn About Prototyping for Post-Secondary with Lizzy King

In this episode, Bill speaks with Lizzy King, Interim Director, Michigan State University Union and...
students walking, mim logo

Learn About Building Belonging On Campus with Dr. Michael DeGagné

Dr. Michael DeGagné is the President and CEO of Indspire, Canada's largest charity supporting Indigenous...
Woman on computer with MIM logo on left

Learn About Building a Comprehensive Career Development Framework with Krystle Paskaruk

In this episode of Mindset in Motion, Bill speaks with Krystle Paskaruk, coordinator of work-integrated...
University students with backpacks walking into school

Hear Graduates Reflect on The Value in Their Experiential Learning Journeys, with Justin Andrews & Fahmida Shaily Islam

In this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM), Bill Heinrich, Orbis' Director of Mindset, speaks...
young man in casual work dress jumping over a flight of stairs with enthusiasm, mim logo to left

Learn From The University of Lethbridge & Learn About the Power of the Student Experience Transcript

In this episode, Bill and Jeni speak with Mark Slomp, Executive Director of Student Services...
MIM logo, student looking outside window

Learn About Student Identity Considerations in Research, with Jeff Burrow

In this episode, Bill is joined by Sara Wills and Jeff Burrow to discuss the...
woman on computer wearing sweater and glasses with mim logo to left

Learn About The Laurier Experience Record, with Jan Basso & Katherine St. Louis

In this Mindset in Motion episode, Bill is joined by Jan Basso, Assistant Vice-President: Experiential...
MIM logo with earphones and laptop on white desk

Get Your Mind in Motion with Bill on Spotify!

Orbis' Mindset division is now infinitely more hip...we're on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podcast Addict!...
Young woman working on an engineering project, yellow and black colours with mim logo

Learn About Students, Skills, Competencies, & Employers, with Brien Convery

Who are you? What are you good at?   Brien Convery, our featured speaker in...
person walking upstairs

Learn About Building Positive Learning Outcomes, with The Powerful Learning Group

In this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM) our Director of Mindset, Dr. Bill Heinrich...

Learn About Data, Decisions, & Stories in Your Experiential Record, with Sarah Schultz & Rose Lin

Tune into this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM) to learn from Sarah Schultz, Director...

Learn About Outcomes, Competencies, & Credentials, with Bill Heinrich

This week's episode, a podcast, "Outcomes, Competencies, & Credentials (Oh My!)," features our Director of...

Conversations for the Future of Higher Learning Excellence & Student Career-Readiness – Mindset in Motion, Introductory Episode

We all know that the world of higher learning, reflective of the practice of lifelong...

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