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Mindset is a division of Orbis born after two decades of campus partnership and technological innovation supporting higher educators in the facilitation of experiential learning and student career readiness. A natural extension of Orbis, Mindset tackles pressing questions in higher learning and student skill development through research, collaboration, and insightful conversations with leaders in relevant fields of study or industry. Together, we seek to build a holistic and informed career ready ecosystem—one that evolves with the needs of students through adoption of the latest best practices, insights, and resources available.

Photo of our new hire, Bill. Director of Mindset at Orbis, smiling at the camera in a dress shirt and glasses. Our Mindset division is led by Bill Heinrich. Bill supports campus partners by connecting big ideas to repeatable educational practices, guiding informed decision making and learning experiences that support student success. Trained in student development, experiential and organizational learning, and higher education assessment, Bill is passionate about emergent outcomes through meaningful learning experiences. His unique expertise and academic credentials position Bill as a trusted and invaluable resource for the Orbis higher learning community. With twenty years of experience, Bill’s career spans on-campus, regional, and international capacity development focusing on assessment of skills and mindsets, program evaluation, experiential design, teaching, learning, human-centered design, and data analysis. Bill joins our team from Michigan State University, where he worked as the Head of Assessment and Experiential learning for the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

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Mindset in Motion/

An audible series discussing the ideas, pathways, and innovation shaping the future of student career readiness and higher learning excellence.

Mindset in Motion serves-up compelling insights from leaders in the fields of education, research, technology, and industry, committed to advancing a comprehensive career-ready ecosystem. Join our Director of Mindset, Bill Heinrich, and Jeni Riddell, our Team Lead, Product Success, to explore the latest research, tools, resources, and practices in experiential learning delivery—all on one platform. Because progress begins with listening, the right mindset, and access to the knowledge and resources to keep moving forward.


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