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Learn About Students, Skills, Competencies, & Employers, with Brien Convery

Who are you? What are you good at?

Brien Convery, our featured speaker in this episode of Mindset in Motion, kick-starts this podcast with the poignant observation that people tend to lead with what they do, not who they are. Brien, goes on to explain that he is someone who is a creator and a builder, someone who takes risks and navigates his life with authenticity. When these innate strengths are aligned, he explains that he feels best equipped to add value to meaningful conversations.

As a part of the team at Royal Bank of Canada, Brien’s title, National Director, Early Talent Communities and Inclusive Recruitment, Canada, allows him to do what he does best – connect with people and strategically work to build a more supportive, inclusive, and impactful approach to early talent recruitment. Defined as a ‘Universal Student Experience,” Brien and his team took pen to paper to explore the student journey from post-secondary experience to work and found that the attraction and engagement phase of the equation had room for improvement. The ‘recruitment’ piece, upon further definition, is the process but the ‘attraction and engagement’ piece is the student-centered, as we say at Orbis ‘people-first,’ approach to holistically support the next generation of talent. Brien’s thirty-year career working for businesses, both public and private, worldwide, and his trailblazing role at RBC lend him the experience and insights fundamental to a deeper understanding of the student recruitment landscape. Tune in to hear more from Brien, and how institutions, employers, and students can benefit from a holistic, human-first approach to early talent recruitment and a greater understanding of competency development and experiential learning.


Thank you, Brien, for your time and work. We’re grateful.
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