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Meet Our Outcome Campus Connect Student & Graduate Journalists!

Our team at Orbis is thrilled to introduce our new OCC Student and Graduate Journalist Team!

Recruited using the OCC platform, these outstanding individuals had our first meeting last week. They were able to introduce themselves, discuss the topics they are passionate about covering, and share why it’s personally meaningful to be a voice of the OCC platform.

But don’t just take our word for it; read about it! Below are words right from the desks of Shoffana, Justin, Anna, and Ariana!

Meet Shoffana Sundaramoorthy, Third-year Student, Wilfrid Laurier University

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Hey, my name is Shoffana Sundaramoorthy, and I am a third year student at Wilfrid Laurier University.  While I am majoring in Communications, I am also pursuing two minors in political science and psychology.  I am excited to join the OCC Student/Graduate Journalist Team as it will further my interest in writing.  What I enjoy most about writing is that it gives me a chance to express how I feel without any boundaries. Putting my mind on paper is relaxing and second nature for me.  In addition, I strive to write with purpose.  When I write a piece for OCC, I hope it resonates with its wide audience – whether it is with students, friends, or even alumni.  I want to use the platform that I have to speak on issues/ topics that matter to me and ideas for action for these issues.  I hope to share useful resources or insights that resonate deeply with my audience while aligning with the OCC’s core values.

Meet Justin Andrews, Recent Graduate, University of Toronto

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Hello, my name is Justin Andrews and I am a writer living in Hamilton, Ontario, and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto with an MA in English in the field of creative writing. My work has been published in Canadian literary journals and, currently, I’m writing a novel (or attempting to, at least!). Beyond writing, I spend my free time reading, board-gaming, and meandering down backstreets and trails. Writing for the OCC team is meaningful to me because I understand the difficulty of making substantial career connections, especially amid the hastiness of academic life. As an OCC Graduate Journalist, I’ll be eager to help students gain work experience and find fruitful careers. It’s a pleasure to support a platform that simplifies and democratizes a complicated and frequently inaccessible process.

Meet Anna Langmuir, Student, University of British Columbia

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I am a fourth-year UBC student from the U.K, graduating with a Major in English Literature and a Minor in Psychology. While my love for traveling, writing, and literature inspired me to move to Canada for university, my hospitality experience has also given me many amazing work opportunities worldwide, from managing luxury villas in Spain to living and working in Egypt. My goal is to work in journalism and media one day, start a travel blog, and combine my two biggest passions!

In the past, I have struggled to navigate university, gain work experience related to my degree, and am still trying to decide on my dream career. Approaching graduation and deciding on a particular career-related goal to work towards is daunting and confusing. I understand that many people might feel similarly anxious about making such a significant transition. I am so excited to join a group of like-minded student journalists whose primary goal is to support and inform others who may be feeling lost or intimidated by a future beyond university. By sharing both my own and others’ career successes and experiences, I hope that I can bring some reassurance and valuable insight to those at a similar stage in their university journey.

Meet Ariana Calvachi, Student, St. Thomas University


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As an Ecuadorian living 5,000 km away from home, adapting to new surroundings has been quite a challenge but the first step to my dream of becoming a journalist – a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. Journalism is a good fit for my personality because I am ambitious, generous, thoughtful, determined, and calm. I believe in fighting for what you desire, no matter the obstacles.

I´m a full-time student, and I will be entering my fourth year in the fall at St. Thomas University in NB, Fredericton, where I´ll complete my major in Journalism with a minor in Communications. I continue to be motivated by my love of learning and writing. It is my goal to become an outstanding and successful woman in today´s society. I want to become a professional and well-known journalist who empowers the voices of others.

My passion for writing also awakens my curiosity and leads me to explore different fields of knowledge such as arts, science, and history. I dedicate my time to learn from the outside world since it makes me grow and understand the different situations in which people find themselves daily. That’s why in the summer of 2019, I was an intern at Diners Club International. In this role, I engaged in a community project while working with Human Resources to better their customers’ experience.

As an artist and writer, I have written several pieces alongside The Aquinian as their reporter – jumping outside my comfort zone to connect with my community. Since the pandemic hit, I have pushed to adapt my journalistic skills online, but even though many challenges presented themselves, I pulled through, and it was worth it.

A new chapter in my career journey is now starting as a part of the Orbis’ OCC Student and Graduate Journalist Team, where I am excited to keep developing myself as a professional. I’m looking forward to exploring my fields of study, connecting with projects to help my community, and gaining experience.


Meet Fahmida Islam, Recent Graduate, University of Toronto


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My name is Fahmida, and I graduated from UofT with a life science degree. I am very excited to be part of the OCC Journalist team because it gives me a platform to share my experiences as a recent graduate. I wish I had this during undergrad because I love learning from others’ experiences. Everyone’s career and learning path are different. My journey begins in healthcare, working mainly with seniors. I’m excited to share advice and stories with fellow graduates and students, informed by my current roles as an assistant at a psychology lab, a community organization worker, and a volunteer. Look out for my pieces on navigating jobs, internships, and volunteering with a life-science degree.

Welcome Orbis OCC Student & Graduate Journalists! We are so excited to have your writing for our platform!