“Maybe Stories are Just Data with a Soul,”

says Brené Brown, a researcher at the University of Houston, visiting professor at the University of Texas, speaker, best-selling author, and ‘storyteller’. Her popular TEDx Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” viewed over 11 million times, is a great way to familiarize yourself with her work, and noteworthy in light of our current environment. In  this article, writer Carmine Gallo states “Brown doesn’t inspire because she delivers data; she inspires because she tells stories about the data and explains how the data can help us lead better lives.” In our recent We Are Orbis newsletter, we looked at how Outcome is empowering storytelling through data, and how these stories are imperative to delivering on the promise of a future of fulfilled potential – through every graduate.

Our campus partners share an incredible impact on the lives (and livelihood) of their students and graduates. We recently shared of Université de Sherbrooke’s 9,000+ appointments successfully managed through Outcome (Trivio), over 50,000 co-op jobs posted, and almost 16,000 interview schedules prepared since 2016 alone. You’ve seen that the University of Lethbridge, in just 1 year on Outcome, empowered 2,300+ students with work-integrated learning experiences. At the same time, Michigan State University launched My Spartan Story & a Spartan Experience Record using Outcome to deliver career readiness to over 40,000 students. We’ve also made known that Conestoga College has scaled Orbis’s ‘Student Experiential Transcript tool’ to successfully reach 23,000 students (and growing). Through facts and figures, we’re able to not only measure impact but reveal an in-depth perspective on student engagement, skills, and growth opportunity areas unique to an institution – we’re empowered with the foundations to innovate for betterment. 

The stories in this higher education community are meaningful to the narrative of career readiness deployment and excellence. Your impact on students and graduates is measurable and gives meaning and direction to what we do. We’re uniquely positioned to support data storytelling in higher education, and the stories that we share are brought forward, by choice, from campus partners excited to bring their data to life and the forefront. Every institution has varying needs and Outcome is configurable to meet those needs so the power of your data story is amplified because it is your own to tell. 

Do you have a story to share? We’re working with campus partners to unpack the stories your data is telling and support informed decisions for what’s next.

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