Resources for Right Now – Our Top 5 Helpful Reads This Week

I recently read somewhere, “A strong person stands up for themselves, a stronger person stands up for everyone else.” None of us are immune to adversity but it usually floats in on the high tides generated by the pursuit of achievement – of progress or, put simply, change. Right now change is rampant but the call to adapt can feel (and quite literally be) more critical to survival than the pursuit of betterment. Confronted by the widespread (tsunami-like) wave of COVID-19, it is natural to think of our own safety and survival first. Luckily, instead, we’re seeing leadership across the nation finding higher ground by seeking the best possible solutions for the greatest number of people.

At Orbis, we call this putting people first. Despite the battle that burdens us, we are all in the trenches, and the pursuit of what’s best for most can be seen everywhere. The vote seems to be unanimous: our next chapter begins with the betterment of not just 1, but all. To be effective, we will need to continue to learn from each other, in the interest of one another. No man (or woman) is an island, after all. With this in mind, here are this week’s top reads. We hope you find them as helpful as we do.


Be a Data Custodian, Not a Data Owner, by Frederick “Flee” Lee, Harvard Business Review


Facebook will Allow Most Employees to Work From Home Through 2020, by Salvador Rodriguez, CNBC


Why the Crisis is Putting Companies at Risk of Losing Female Talent, by Colleen Ammerman & Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business Review


Introducing the UC San Diego Return to Learn Program, by Heather Buschman, Ph.D., and Scott LaFee, UC San Diego Newsletter


Its Eyes on the Fall, One Campus is Conducting a Public Health Dry Run. Here’s What That Looks Francie Diep, Chronicle for Higher Education