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Learn About Holistic Approaches to Post-Secondary Student Conduct Administration, With Guest Lara Hof, Hof & Associates

Lara Hof, of Hof & Associates, joins us in our latest Mindset in Motion podcast and shares holistic approaches to post-secondary student conduct administration. Tune in to hear the thinking, techniques, and resource recommendations to build post-secondary cultures of care and accountability rooted in values embodiment. Listen here.

About Lara Hof

With experience in both the university and college post-secondary sector, Lara has become a recognized professional working in student conduct administration. She is regarded among her peers for her understanding of the practice and procedural fairness. She has managed hundreds of student conduct cases, some often quite complex, and served as the primary campus investigator for incidences of gender-based violence. Her latest endeavor includes committing full-time to her consulting business where she conducts program and policy reviews, hosts training, and builds out resources to support the work and related processes.

Thank you for joining us, Lara!

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