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Join Our New Orbis Product Advisory Committee (Orbis PAC)!

At Orbis, continuous improvement and development are baked into our DNA because the nature of software is that it is always incomplete. Our team stays busy adding new features, functionality, and improvements to evolve how we support your empowerment of learners.

For these reasons, we’re launching our first-ever Orbis Product Advisory Committee (PAC): an opportunity to incorporate your input into our software development roadmap as we’re building it.

How The PAC Works & How to Join:

  • There will be four to five PAC sessions annually
  • The PAC will be comprised of different campus partners each session
  • There will be a capacity limit to ensure an optimal impact on our software development roadmap from The PAC
  • PAC participants are chosen based on response time to our session invitations and participation rates, ensuring equitable participation and input from our campus partners.

Want to join The PAC?

Show your interest in being a PAC member by submitting your first and last name, position, institution, and the areas of Outcome development you’re keen on helping develop: CLICK HERE.

We will reach back out with availability to join each PAC session and further details for participation.

Upcoming Sessions:

PAC Kick-Off Session, Experiential Education Module, May 12th, 2022, 1:00 PM (EST)

Join Cameron Ballantyne, and Madeleine Ilijow, for a look at Outcome’s latest Experiential Education module and the opportunity to provide input that improves our software development roadmap so that you get the best possible Outcome(s).

PAC Session Two, UX of Financial Aid, July 18th, 2022, 1:00 PM (EST)

Join Cameron Ballantyne and Madeleine Ilijow to look at Outcome’s latest UX of Financial Aid and an opportunity to let us know how it can be better before the build is confirmed and released to your institution.