How Can Psychological Safety Influence Organizational Greatness? Get Your Mind in Motion & Find Out With Guest Skip Bowman, By: Zoe Mills

People make an organization great but our ability to do so co-depends on the systems and culture within which we operate.

The pandemic really highlighted this – it was a time of “sink or swim” in an uncertain global environment. Our universal intrinsic needs to feel psychologically and physically safe heightened in response to seismic global shifts and uncertainties. Giving employees what’s required to feel safe and maintain business continuity took significant reframing of practices, policies, values, and workplace culture – systemic solutions. 

This widespread adaptation resulted in rapid innovation throughout organizations and society, the insights, benefits, and lessons of which we continue to learn and grow from. It is, unquestionably, a new world of work. The “Michael Phelps of organizational leadership” is unafraid to unpack where they got it wrong and how they can be better to anticipate needs and solve problems. An evolution of the workplace and workforce is here but for a few at the helm it had already begun.  

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For over twenty five years, Skip Bowman has worked as a highly respected leadership and organizational development expert for teams aspiring to drive transformative change. His expertise focuses on the utilizing a global (growth) mindset and fostering psychological safety to drive potential fulfillment and greatness.

No surprise, the pandemic injected his work with even deeper meaning and importance for the future of work.

As the Founder and Chief Transformational Officer at Global Mindset, Skip has provided invaluable guidance to a wide range of businesses, including notable organizations such as Amcor, Merck, Danfoss, Siemens, Rambøll, BHP Billiton, Brüel & Kjær, HBM, GN, Ericsson, Nestlé, Mölnlycke, VELUX, SimCorp, and Tryg. With a focus on holistic improvement from within, these companies have sought Skip’s expertise to aim higher than ever before.

Renowned as Europe’s foremost inspirational speaker on these subjects, Skip recently authored the book “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership”, which delves into the importance of psychological safety in driving innovation, creating cultures of commitment rather than control, the ‘four ages of our time’, and more.

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