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How Can I Incorporate Competency & Reflection into My Workflows?

We’re here to help you advance your Outcome solution as a container and optimizer for the unique experiential learning needs of your campus. We want to ensure Outcome has unprecedented value for your campus and positively impacts the lives and future livelihood of your students. Incorporating competency and reflection into your workflows is one way to service your students’ potential fulfillment.

Before you can introduce competency and reflection into Outcome’s Experiential Tracking Module you will need a competency and reflection model to work from. Creating institution-wide competency and reflection models requires a great deal of time & collaboration – significant consultation with campus stakeholders, a high level of care in design, and focus on how and why they are used.

Our latest We Are Orbis newsletter gives further guidance on the incorporation of competency and reflection into your workflows and serves-up ways to reach us to collaborate on well thought out, institution-wide competency and reflection models. Read it here.