Woman, Ja'net Glover, smiling at camera wearing hot pink blazer

Get Your Mind in Motion with Ja’Net Glover, Senior Director of University Career Services & Career Connections Centre, University of Florida, By: Zoe Mills

During the NACE conference, we had the opportunity to engage in a live discussion with Ja’Net Glover, Senior Director of The University of Florida’s Career Services & the Career Connections Centre. and delve into her and the institution’s impressive career-readiness offerings.  

Ja’Net’s commitment to her work is rooted in her own learning and career-readiness journey. A first-generation post-secondary student, she was inspired by her experience with a faculty and institution committed to student success – both in and beyond classroom walls. 

A respected and well-known trailblazer in the field of career-readiness, today Ja’Net brings over twenty years of first-hand commitment and a skillset able to quickly assess and refine what’s needed for The University of Florida’s students’ career-readiness.  

One notable aspect of her approach is a deep understanding of ‘why’ she does her work. Ja’Net believes in the power of the next generation workforce to positively influence and shape our collective global future and holds deep respect for the responsibility of post-secondary institutions to prepare them to do so. 

In short? The University of Florida is paving the way for a bright future for their students and the broader community, thanks to people like Ja’Net. And, in this brief and informative conversation we will leave you inspired to take a proactive stance in equipping students with the necessary tools and skills for a successful transition into the professional world.  

Click here to listen to “Greater Than: A Look at the Impact of Student Career Readiness Beyond the Institution, with guest Ja’Net Glover”