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Get Your Mind in Motion With Guests Elyse Leblanc & Joe Baker & Explore What’s Next in the Hospitality Industry

In this episode, Bill speaks with Elyse Leblanc and Joe Baker. Together, they discuss how the tourism and hospitality industries are innovating to support post-secondary students and graduates with opportunities to gain skills and get hired.

Elyse Leblanc is the Manager, Talent Acquisition, North and Central America, for Accor hotels and has a career in human resources that spans over a decade.

Joe Baker is a passionate leader within Canada’s tourism, hospitality and education sectors. He is a vocal advocate for a resilient, inclusive, future-forward industry. He is currently working with Tourism HR Canada on their student work placement program called Propel.

Listen in to learn about Joe and Elyse, and their first-hand insights on how the tourism and hospitality industries are working to attract and retain the right talent to rapidly grow and adapt.

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