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Get Your Mind in Motion with Bill, Shannon, Bradley, & Beth in our Back-to-School MIM Sub-Series: Equity & Access in Higher Ed

To support you this school year, we’re kicking-off with a three-part Mindset in Motion (MIM) podcast sub-series on equity and access in higher education.

Each of our guests in this series offers insights into fundamental issues in equity and access so that we can better recognize and understand both the hurdles and pathways toward solutions.

This three episode sub-series launches today.

But first, let’s get to know our speakers:

Meet Shannon Dowling

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Shannon Dowling is an architect, space analyst, and educator who focuses on creating research-driven and student-centered learning environments. Equipped with an extensive knowledge of educational trends and challenges, Shannon always works with the physical and psychological needs of students in mind. She collaborates closely with educators, students, and administrators to create inspirational yet functional space in which every student feels comfortable, safe, and ready to succeed.

Listen and learn from Shannon on, Building Equitable & Accessible Post-Secondary Spaces & Experiences,” episode one of our Back-to-School MIM sub-series


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Meet Bradley D. Custer


Bradley D. Custer is a senior policy analyst for Higher Education at American Progress. He previously worked in student affairs administration at three higher education institutions. As a researcher, he studies policies that are barriers for college students who were previously involved in the criminal justice system. His research is published in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of higher education, criminal justice, and law, including Research in Higher Education, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Criminal Justice Policy Review, and Journal of College and University Law.

Listen and learn from Bradley on, Understanding & Supporting Financial Equitability & Accessibility in Higher Education, episode two of our Back-to-School MIM sub-series dropping next week.

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Meet Beth Foraker

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Beth Foraker and her husband, John, are alumni of UC Davis. Beth and John are parents to four children: Jack, Mary Kate, Patrick, and Caroline. Their third child, Patrick, has Down Syndrome. He was fully included in school and now attends an inclusive college program. Beth has been an educator for over thirty years and has worked for fifteen years for UC Davis in the School of Education with beginning teachers in their Multiple Subject Credential/Masters Program. She is thrilled to be able to welcome the Redwood SEED Scholars into the UC Davis community. She works to build what she calls Continuums of Inclusion: communities that offer preschool through college inclusion so that independent adulthood – inclusive living and inclusive employment – and full belonging are possible. With the launch of the UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars Program, the City of Davis is now one!

Listen and learn from Beth on, Higher Education Accessibility & Post-Graduate Employment Equitability,” episode three of our Back-to-School MIM sub-series dropping in two weeks.

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