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Learn About Decolonizing Data Collection, with Lesley D’Souza

Join Bill and Lesley D’Souza, as they explore storytelling with data and how design thinking can be bridge equitable approaches to assessment at the post-secondary level. Listen here.

About Lesley D’Souza

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Lesley is a student affairs assessment professional that specializes in storytelling with data. After focusing on assessment and storytelling while working in higher education, Lesley has begun exploring how data-informed stories can be used to intentionally shift culture in positive directions. Her work in assessment has included decolonizing data collection, and design thinking as an equitable approach to assessment. She co-authored the book Design Thinking in Student Affairs in 2021 with Julia Allworth and Gavin Henning. Lesley has been involved in the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services as the Co-chair for the Research, Assessment & Evaluation Community of Practice, and has been a member of the ACPA Commission for Assessment & Evaluation Directorate. She completed her MA in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University, and is a mom to two little boys.

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