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Learn About Building Belonging On Campus with Dr. Michael DeGagné

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Dr. Michael DeGagné is the President and CEO of Indspire, Canada’s largest charity supporting Indigenous students, education, and excellence. He is also the former President and Vice Chancellor of Yukon University, President and Vice Chancellor of Nipissing University, Executive Director of the Healing Foundation, and Executive of the Federal Government of Canada. Needless to say, Michael brings a wealth of experience, research, and insights to this community and we’re grateful he took the time to share with us.

In our latest Mindset in Motion episode, “Building Sense of Student Belonging On Campus,” Michael teaches us about his work and learnings throughout a seasoned career dedicated to understanding how we can better support students, particularly indigenous students, for success by building a post-secondary ecosystem empowering students to see themselves and their identities within it.

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