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Learn About Building a Provincially-Focused Skill Development & Job Opportunity Platform, with Craig Dixon Dr. Sarah King, and John Wishart

“‘Johnny’, in Fredericton, is a marketing student and we’re going to match him with ‘Bob’, the IT student, who’s in Miramichi, and together they’ll solve something that needs to be solved.”- John Wishart, CEO, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton

Hear from Craig Dixon, Project Coordinator at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Sarah King, Director, Experiential Education, the University of New Brunswick, and John Wishart, Chief Executive Officer, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton, on how Future NB developed, adds value, empowers relationship-building for long-term success, and can serve as a reflection of cultural values to build a more inclusive and interconnected provincial approach to career readiness and international recruitment.

As beautifully put by Sarah (King), “A rising tide raises all boats”.

Listen Here.

*Future NB is a provincial implementation of Orbis’ Outcome Campus Connect.


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