University students with backpacks walking into school

Hear Graduates Reflect on The Value in Their Experiential Learning Journeys, with Justin Andrews & Fahmida Shaily Islam

In this episode of Mindset in Motion (MIM), Bill Heinrich, Orbis’ Director of Mindset, speaks with Justin Andrews and Fahmida Shaily Islam, two graduates of The University of Toronto. Justin and Fahmida are also members of Orbis’ Outcome Campus Connect (OCC) Student and Graduate Journalist Team, a group of students and graduates empowering the voice of the OCC platform by writing about their post-secondary and career-search experiences or interviewing those who are working in the field.  Tune in to hear reflections on the student and graduate journey to apply what has been learned in-class in real life, gain skills and experience, and get hired.

In this episode, Bill is joined by Zoë Mills, our Communications, Content, and Brand Strategist at Orbis.

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