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“Emerging Research in Student Affairs,” With Guests Nicole Crozier (she/her) & Noah Arney

We’re grateful to our community who has grown Orbis and fueled our Mindset division through collaborative projects, engagements, and, of course, our podcast.

Our final podcast for this year, “Emerging Research in Student Affairs”, discusses, well, essentially what the title tells you it does! This informative episode would not be possible, like all of our conversations, without participants. A huge thank you to Nicole Crozier and Noah Arney for joining us and sharing your informative insights.

Get your mind in motion with us, and learn about the latest in Student Affairs Research here or below.

More on Nicole and Noah below. 🙂

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Nicole Crozier (she/her) is a student affairs professional working in orientation and student life at the University of Victoria (UVic), and a recent (2021) graduate from UVic’s Master of Education in Educational Technology program. Over the last few years, her work and research has focused on digital engagement strategies, and the design of effective and engaging online orientation programs. Nicole also co-founded and co-chaired the CACUSS Graduate Student Network for three years, bringing together graduate students from across the country to network, support each other, and share their research.

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Noah Arney is a Career Services Coordinator at Thompson Rivers University and is a Certified Career Development Professional. He began his career as a high school teacher then changed course and has been in postsecondary student-affairs since 2010. Though career development has been part of his role for that whole time, he has been focused fully on career development and work-integrated learning since 2019. He recently completed his Master of Education in Educational Research at the University of Calgary in 2021, and his research focuses on Indigenous post-secondary students perception of work-integrated learning.

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