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Get Your Mind in Motion! Career Transitions with Ryan McRae of HubSpot

Ryan McRae of HubSpot talks about his career in training and various transitions between roles.  Ryan’s career spans Higher Education, training for the US military, and several well known brands.  Hear how he thinks about going from zero to one with trainees, how he lowers barriers to learning, and how he makes it fun to be part of a new team!

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About Ryan McRae

Ryan McRae has been with HubSpot for 2 years as a Senior Facilitator. Previously he was an Onboarding Facilitator at Groupon for 3 years and a Trainer at Apple for 5 years. Training is his passion and when he’s not HubSpotting, he’s a board game fanatic and a fiction writer. He lives in Chicago, IL, which is probably the best city in the world.


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