Experience Matters. Continuous Learning at the Customer Experience (CX) Strategies Virtual Summit

This October, Rachel Bessette, our Team Lead, Product Deployment, attended the 9th annual Customer Experience (CX) Strategies Virtual Summit. A 3-day conference with attendees from across the globe, this conference covered topics like optimization of the customer experience, the digital transformation of the business to business customer experience, how to build and deliver a customer experience that supports social justice and causes, the benefits of accessibility, and mastering of your automation strategy. 

Our team is always learning and committed to staying informed about the latest practices, technologies, techniques, and insights to improve our solutions and enhance teamwork dynamics and customer support delivery. This conference was a great opportunity to hear from leadership at Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon, Scotiabank, and more. We’re grateful for what we learned at this summit.

To the entire team at CX Strategies Virtual Summit…thank you for having us! We can’t wait until next year.

This conference gave me the opportunity to learn from companies who have blazed the trail in new and innovative ways to provide a positive experience for their customers. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from their successes and failures so that we can continue to improve the experience of our campus partners at Orbis. It’s our goal to never be satisfied with the status quo and strive for continuous improvement. Rachel Bessette, Team Lead, Product Deployment, Orbis