Outcome Verified Expert

Earn the official stamp of approval as an Outcome Verified Expert.

Level: Master

Duration: 6 – 8 Hours

• Buckle up – this is our toughest course to-date. Be recognized for your in-depth and highest level of Outcome system knowledge. Beyond just bragging rights as a trusted Outcome expert, you’ll officially possess the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and manage the entire Outcome product line. You’ve learned how to master course/program setup, build complex workflows, leverage tags and permissions to streamline processes. You’re the go-to person for Outcome support because let’s face it, you know the system top to bottom.

Course Topics:

• Portal Administration: Site Structure, Integration Module and System Configurations
• Global Tags, Competency, Reflection Setup
• Catalogue & Student Experience Record Configurations • Reporting with Insights
• APIs & Outcome Campus Connect

Cost: $900

*Must have system experience with Portal Administration, User Database, and configuration right across all Outcome modules. Must have hands-on experience building workflows, dashboards, managing permissions, tags, and reports.*