Outcome Experiential: Certified Expert

Get ready to stretch your knowledge with the most flexible and robust module in Outcome. Practice creates the master.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 10 – 12 Hours

• From complex workflow design to best practices on reporting and data collection – even the most seasoned expert will have new takeaways from this expansive course. Learn how you can use Experiential to track nearly any activity, and how you can leverage automation to reduce administrative tasks or add checkpoints to make sure your students are making the grade. Understand the different permission types and limit what your staff can (and can’t) see. Plus, you’ll learn more about experiential-specific notes and tags, badging, and how you can connect to the Experiential Catalogue and Student Experience Record.

Course Topics:

• Experiential Activity Tracking Module
• Steps & Workflow Configurations
• Roles & Permissions
• Opportunities
• Configuring Experience Types & Experiential Forms • Competency & Reflection
• Experiential Catalogue Configurations
• Student Experience Record Configurations

Purchase: $900