Outcome Co-op: Certified Expert

Tap into expert level status in Co-op administration.

Level: Moderate to Advanced Duration: 10 – 12 Hours

• This course goes beyond the basics of creating Work Term Records and Evaluations – but don’t worry, we’ll cover that too! You’ll learn how to configure complex Co-op Admission processes. You’ll explore how to use Terms and Conditions, Intentions and other releasing tools. We’ll introduce you to Competency and Public Evaluation workflows to enhance student reflection and their articulation of learning. You’ll be put to the test with knowledge checks on Term Advancement, Sequence Management and a few surprises. And be sure to leave room for Custom Term Labels, and Co-op Tags to make reporting more efficient.

Course Topics:

• Admission Workflows: Integrated, Manual, Applications • Term & Program Configuration
• Terms and Conditions
• Student Intentions
• Work Term Record Configuration
• Evaluation & Sub-Record Configuration
• Competency & Reflection
• Rank and Match/Rank and Offer
• Sequence Management

Cost: $900 CND