Outcome Admin Certification Program

Get certified with Outcome’s foundation building course.

Level: Beginner *Suggested prerequisite for advanced courses.

Duration: 8 – 10 Hours

• Designed for administrators who are new to Outcome or in need of a system confidence booster. Whether your goal is to master Outcome and run your operations like a well-oiled machine or brush up on the basics – Outcome Essentials will empower you with the foundational skills necessary to implement, configure and manage even the trickiest workflows.

Course Topics:

• Outcome: Let’s Start from the Beginning – An Overview of What It Is and How It Is Used
• User Database & Account Management (including Tags/Permissions)
• System Reporting: Saved Searches, Advanced Reports, Global Mappings
• Appointments & Events (including Swipe Card/Built-in Video Chat)
• Introduction to Career, Co-op, Experiential & Co-Curricular
• Site Structure & Integration Modules

Cost: $900 CDN