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Dance Through Fall Term With our Back-to-School ‘Worklist!

Twenty years ago, Cameron and Devin started Orbis as an interactive digital media and communications agency focusing on transforming print to digital. Their first solution was a Student-Life CD-ROM. The CD compressed student welcome packages into an interactive and informative, paperless tool to ease each student’s transition to campus life. With the CD, students knew what to expect. Welcome messages, interactive campus tours, virtual tours of residence rooms, and all sorts of other tools connected each student to campus even before they left home and set foot on campus. Cool, right?

If you’ve been with us since the beginning (and many of you have) you might also know that Orbis, well, we’re not musical but we like to have fun while working hard. In our office that sometimes means listening to music to supercharge innovation and elevate the day. We care about we do and that our team and community (that’s you) gets to enjoy the process too.

With the school year in full-swing, one that actually sees many of us back in-office or on-campus, we’ve stepped a little bit out of our normal realm of offerings and made you the modern version of a mixed-CD: a Spotify playlist! This playlist is made to energize and uplift your days working to fulfill student and graduate potential – because, if there’s anything twenty years in business has taught us, it’s that ‘working smart’ also means enjoying the time you put in.

We hope this background music helps you celebrate what you do, how you do it, and the impact you have. Until we see you in-person, let’s dance!? 😉