Conversations for the Future of Higher Learning Excellence & Student Career-Readiness – Mindset in Motion, Introductory Episode

We all know that the world of higher learning, reflective of the practice of lifelong learning, is constantly evolving. Today, the way that a diploma or degree can add value to each student is miles away from what it was years ago. Yes, specific higher institutions carry weight associated with their name which presents each graduate in a specific light in the eyes of a potential employer. However, the employment landscape is very rapidly changing. The question on most employer’s minds has moved from, merely, “What school did you graduate from?” to include, “What skills can you immediately contribute to my organization to lead progress and gains?” or, “What experience do you have that will help us be better?”

As a higher learning community committed to shaping career-ready students, understanding and developing infrastructure (both technological and through repeatable educational practices) that imparts your students the skills essential to success in their careers is not a one-step process and is, of course, an evolving one. It takes the right Mindset—one that’s always in motion (see what we did there?).

Click below to listen to our Director of Mindset, Bill Heinrich, and our Product Success Team Lead, Jeni Riddell, introduce “Mindset in Motion” – an audible series discussing the ideas, pathways, and innovation shaping the future of higher learning.

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