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Celebrating Living Wage Week, As a Certified Living Wage Employer   

This week is Living Wage Week! We celebrate another year as a Certified Living Wage Employer with the Ontario Living Wage Network and each of you.  

As a Certified Living Wage Employer, we continue to pay our team the living wage rate for the Hamilton region. This means that everyone who works for Orbis – from interns, to freelancers, to part and full-time staff – receive financial compensation that not only recognizes and respects their skills, time, and dedication to building our business but acknowledges and celebrates their deserved lives beyond Orbis. Everyone on our team is paid enough to not just survive but thrive – to engage in and contribute to their communities. 

Putting people first will always shape us. As we grow, we continue our longstanding commitment to pay living wages, to express care in all that we do, and to innovate with a people-first approach.

No surprise, changing economic times are resulting in mass layoffs and divestment in people.

We think there is no better time to invest in people.

We asked our team what being paid living wages means to them and included their answers below. If you have any questions about joining the Ontario Living Wage Network or the meaning of paying living wages, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re still ‘new’, just three years in, but after twenty years in business it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.  

Working for a company that provides a living wage rather than a minimum wage is important to me because it takes into consideration the realities of the cost of living in today’s society. It allows me the comfort of being able to make healthy financial choices which in turn reduces stress of everyday life, this helps me be an overall more positive and efficient employee within the company.” – Hakeem Benelhour, Product Success Coach, Orbis

“Working for an employer that provides a living wage does a lot more than providing an income to cover expenses — it tells me that my employer cares. That level of care extends well beyond me, or even my team. Having a living wage means we can look after our families, participate in our local economy and give back to our communities.” – Linda Challacombe, Product Success Coach, Orbis

Working for a Living Wage Employer gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on other aspects of my day-to-day!” – Alex Sheppard, Product Success Coach & Community Content Specialist, Orbis

I respect and appreciate the decision of Orbis leadership to extend living wages to our team, particularly in this economic climate. When so many are choosing to devest rather than invest in people, this Living Wage Week reminds me that Orbis truly embodies its values of CARE, of people-first, and sees innovation as a long game. Twenty+ years in business, with reason.” – Zoë Mills, Communications, Content, & Branding, Orbis

With the current global economic situation, making ends meet is harder than ever. As a director at Orbis, it is so important to me that we are a Living Wage Employer. I know that my staff are most satisfied with their jobs when they don’t have looming bills in the back of their mind. It allows them to focus on the fun and fulfilling parts of work, rather than their obligations.” – Michael Samborski, Director, Software Development, Orbis

Being employed by an organization that is committed to providing a living wage to all its employees confirms what I already know about this organization since I started over 10 years ago. They have, and always are, committed to their people. Regardless of their role or job within the company, Orbis exemplifies belonging, fairness and mutual respect.” – Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director, Outcome Campus Connect, Orbis

One of the top perks of working at Orbis is their genuine effort toward improving employee well-being. Working for a company that provides a living wage allows me to focus on my job duties effectively and more importantly gives me the ability to polish my skills without having to worry about a global economic crisis. Having a living wage gives you a sense of security which is crucial for mental health and wellbeing.” – Saheb Bhalla, Technical Analyst & Product Success Coach, Orbis

“Working for a Living Wage Employer makes a difference for me because it’s good for staff, stability, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. The founders’ values shine through in this commitment to employees.” – Bill Heinrich, Director, Mindset

Happy Living Wage Week! 🙂 

Connect with Emily Eley, Vice President, Operations & People, with any questions: