Back to School Resources & Guides for Our Community

“Can you hear me now?”…”Can you see my screen?”…”How’s the weather over there?” If these phrases are familiar to you, you’re not alone! Our COVID-19-driven environment emphasizes the technologies we use and our universal need for clear communication. Like anything created by human beings, it’s also subject to our innate imperfection. Sometimes, that darn ‘mute’ button won’t ‘unmute,’ and ‘5G’ internet doesn’t feel so ‘5G’. 

We recently deployed updates to your Orbis solutions just in time for the Fall term. Your feedback and insights are formalizing a roadmap for our solutions so that your teams can remain agile and adapt to our new environment. We value your open communication and thought leadership, always, but particularly now. 

It goes without saying, this has been a very different summer and will be an unprecedented school year. Year-after-year, our higher learning community receives an onslaught of information and fields countless questions heading into the Fall-term. We recognize this year you will experience this and more. Our team will be here to support you every step of the way. In lieu of our bi-weekly newsletter last week, we sent out Back to School resources and guides to assist and inform you in navigating what’s next. 

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Here are our resourceful reads from the week in higher learning, in case you missed it:


  • “Ways Universities are Being Put to the Test by Coronavirus,” by Kim Myrick, E. Kevin Kelloway, and Kara A. Arnold, The Conversation, read
  • “UBC Black Law Students’ Association Offering Free LSAT Courses for Aspiring Black Law Students,” by Bridgette Watson, CBC News, read
  • “Helping People Move from Trauma to Growth,” HBR IdeaCast, listen
  • “Quebec Pledges $375 Million to Help Keep Post-Secondary Students in School,” Presse Canadienne, Montreal Gazette, read
  • “Now We Know How COVID-19 Has Changed the Workday,” by Jordan Heath-Rawlings, The Big Story, listen
  • “Becoming a More Patient Leader,” by David Sluss, Harvard Business Review, read