People First/

People First/

Our Story/

Orbis is on a mission to empower people with the information, technology, and opportunities they need to live a future of fulfilled potential.

Committed to perpetual innovation, our data-driven solutions guide post-secondary institutions and employers to be the most purposeful versions of themselves. With Orbis, you meet students exactly where they are today, with exactly what they need for tomorrow.

Our pioneering solutions — Outcome and Outcome Campus Connect — provide transparency and actionable insights to higher learning and employment. By digitizing, cataloguing, tracking, and qualifying each student’s unique experiential learning path, we reveal an intuitive and predictive blueprint that sets a new standard of excellence.

We’ve been lucky to partner with leading institutions and businesses across Canada. Throughout almost 2 decades, our team has empowered the stories and impacts of over 100 institutions, 1 million students, and 350,000 businesses. Thanks to our partners, we’re working towards a better tomorrow.

Our People/

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Tom Riis
Director of Technical Infrastructure

Located in Hamilton’s trendy Corktown area, our new office is modern and bright. In it, you’ll find our collaborative and cross-functional team working together (fuelled by free endless coffee) to create the most innovative experiential learning solutions available to post-secondary institutions in Canada./

I CARE:   

I CARE:   

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Million Students



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