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Team Spotlight: Meet Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director, Outcome Campus Connect & Strategic Partnerships

Natalie Nitsopoulos, ponytail, necklace, and cardigan, looking to left with artistic installation behind her

Q: Where did you study for post-secondary and what did you study?

A: I actually attended two post-secondary institutions. First, I went to Brock University to study kinesiology and then I went to George Brown College to study fashion management.

Q: Before you joined Orbis, what role were you working in? 

A: I was in recruitment and operations for Forever 21

Q: What compelled you to apply to work at Orbis and in higher education technology? 

A: It was more serendipitous of a transaction.  I was meeting with a friend to discuss potential opportunities in the Niagara region, and she suggested I look at Orbis Communications.  I applied for the job and haven’t looked back since.

Q: What role do you now fulfill at Orbis and what do you like most about the role? 

A: I have had many roles over the years but currently work as the Director, Outcome Campus Connect & Strategic Partnerships.  This role allows me the autonomy to collaborate and build a product from the very beginning.  It is an entirely new direction for Orbis so in a lot of ways it reminds me of the beginning days at Orbis but also challenges me to strive for more.

Q: What challenges do students entering the workforce in Canada currently face that you feel Outcome Campus Connect is solving? 

A: Outcome Campus Connect allows students to search all forms of work-integrated learning opportunities, filtering by location for remote opportunities, which empowers them to find the most relevant opportunities and saves time in their search. By curating opportunities within the current student journey, we aim for every student to have at least one work-integrated learning opportunity by graduation, important given that one of the biggest barriers to employment entry is lack of experience.

Q: What advice do you have for students choosing their career path? 

A: Don’t immediately pursue your interest.  Find something you excel at, become an expert, and advance in that area. This way you’ll have the time, opportunity, and resources to pursue your passions.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self just starting your first job? 

A:  Trust your instincts.  You may not have the most experience or be the most knowledgeable as others, but you were hired to contribute and be a part of the team.  Make your successes known and if something doesn’t feel right, speak up.

Q: What is the thing you like most about working for Orbis? 

A: The people. Whether its colleagues or customers, the people are the best parts of Orbis.

Q: Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? 

A: I enjoy hanging out with my family, attending wineries with friends, and trying my best to move my body every day (whether that’s yoga, walking or playing soccer at the park with the kids).